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If you struggle particularly with anxiety related to dating and socialization, which you use substances to self-medicate, I have a treatment approach tailored specifically for you

Whether you prefer one-on-one sessions, or ones with a group of your peers, I have specific strategies and techniques to help you feel less anxious and more confident in NYC's whirlwind of a dating scene.  
Maybe you always had some sort of social anxiety, or maybe the hectic, less predictable, more plentiful dating scene of the city has made you feel ill at ease.  Either way, my unique approach can help.  These three vairables (dating, anxiety, substance addiction) can have such an intense connection for many people.  Usually the course consists of someone developing social uneasiness or anxiety, which is often more pronounced for dating, and that person learns to over-rely on substances to help them cope with their fears or discomfort.  As most people crave intimate social connections, not dating is usually ​​not a viable option.  As such, I can help you reduce, quit, or rely much less on your chosen "crutch".

How is this accomplished?  Well as stated elsewhere, I use an integrated treatment approach.  However, with this specific life struggle, I have developed very particular strategies to help someone overcome or greatly reduce their dating anxiety.  In a nutshell, my premise is that the more we increase your self-confidence by changing negative thoughts/views and unhealthy behaviors in this sphere of your life, the less you will rely on your substance of choice.  So as we reduce your perceived need for the self-medicating/social lubricating "function" of the substance (i.e.alcohol or other drugs), you essentially gain greater control over your dating life.  Oh and that also means no more sabotaging potential connections!  How many times have you gotten too drugged or drunk and spoiled a great opportunity to connect with someone?  As you experience more success in the dating world, and less discomfort, your confidence will only grow. 

While New York City can be a scary place to date for someone with socially-related uneasiness or anxiety, the major perk is that there are so many opportunities to try again and again to eventually "get it right" and meet that one.  On the other hand, if you are not so interested in a serious relationship but would like to enjoy dating or simply meeting more people in your life, my apporach works just as well for these types of goals.  Don't you think you deserve to be fulfilled as well socially as you may be in your career?  Why continue to miss out, or jeaopordize, one of the greatest joys of life!!
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