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Does the term "functional addict" seem to resonate with you?
Your addiction, substance abuse, or other behavioral dependency has not wreaked havoc on your life, at least not in your job or career.  In other words, you are considered successful because you have a good job and take care of your financial obligations.  However, despite your job or career success, you feel your addiction or dependency is "catching up" to you and putting you at risk for health issues, adversely impacting your love life or other relationships, making you feel out of control in many ways, and potentially could jeopardize your job or at the minimum has been preventing you from getting to the next level of your career.  If this sounds a lot like you, then I can help.

My successful strategy for making progress in either area involves an integration of cognitive-behavioral strategies and “harm-reduction" principles.  Cognitive-behavioral techniques are exemplary for changing behaviors and reducing negative emotions, and the “harm reduction” model is excellent for reducing the ill effects of an addiction or behavioral dependency.  As such, the two combined can help an individual make substantial changes with his or her addiction or other dependency and other areas of life.

My approach emphasizes progress in any form and any progress is success!  We strive for small, measurable improvements in either domain.  Big leaps of progress can sometimes occur quickly for some individuals, but the most important goal of my therapy is “sustainable progress”.  I would rather have you make a small bit of progress in one month that you can maintain, rather than a big improvement that does not last.  As such, in keeping with the principles of “harm reduction therapy”, I do not demand that my clients practice abstinence.  While this certainly can be the goal, I focus on whatever is meaningful progress to you!
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Individual Psychotherapy (60 minutes): $200 per session 
Group Psychotherapy (90 minutes): $150 per session

***Skype sessions available for those living and working outside of NYC***
I do not take insurance as an in-network provider.
However, I do work with clients' out-of-network insurance coverage and benefits. In order for you to know how much your insurance company will cover, you can find out all you need to know with one phone call to your insurance provider as long as you know the following questions to ask:

1. Do I have out-of-network mental health benefits?
2. How much is my deductible?
3. After the deductible, what percentage of the fees will be covered? 

Example: If your insurance company's reimbursement rate is 75%, and my session fees are $200, you would be reimbursed $150.  That means after meeting your deductible, you would be paying $50 per session.  However, you are responsible for paying the full session fees upfront, and then each month after a claim is submitted, you would receive one lump sum for reimbursement of that month's session fees directly from your insurance company.