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The Pink Elephant in Your Head

Friday, February 10, 2017



  1. 10 Feb, 2017
    Absolute Expectations and Their Adverse Impact on Hope, Progress, and Self-Evaluation
    Dr. Albert Ellis, the founder of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, a type of cognitive-behavioral therapy, outlined in his theory how "absolute" styles of thinking lead to unhealthy emotions (i.e., depression, anxiety, etc.) and behaviors (i.e., binge substance use).  He stated that "absolute" styles of thinking often include the words "always" and "never", or any offshoots of this type of extreme language, and that these rigid self-views are too demanding and thus set oneself up for major
  2. Why I Truly Dislike The "Day One" Philosophy of Anonymous Groups
    10 Feb, 2017
    Why I Truly Dislike The "Day One" Philosophy of Anonymous Groups
    As you may have seen in my video, I explicitly declare that I am not opposed to Anonymous groups as a possible option for people struggling with behavioral dependencies.  However, there are some premises of these groups that I am vehemently opposed to and make no apologies about it.   One such premise is the "Day One" philosophy.  If you join an Anonymous group (i.e., AA, NA, OA, GA, etc.), at some point, you will here about this "rule".  Although they do not call it a rule, there does not seem
  3. Accolades to My Fellow Harm-Reduction Therapists in NYC
    10 Feb, 2017
    Accolades to My Fellow Harm-Reduction Therapists in NYC
    While I would like to consider my specific approach to treating behavioral dependencies as unique, in no way am I the sole practitioner or provider of harm-reduction therapy in New York City.  In fact, I want to take an opportunity to extend a special thanks and gratitude to two organizations who I feel really helped to pioneer the harm-reduction approach here in the city, as well as elsewhere.   Andrew Tatarsky and The Center for Optimal Living, and Jeffrey Foote and Carrie Wilkins and The
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